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The South Sherbrook Pharmacy is proud to be associated with the SSHC Clinic. Did you know that our pharmacists work with your family doctor as an integrated team? By receiving your prescriptions from our pharmacy you're experiencing a service that very few outpatients are able to: Extremely fast response times, regular communication with your doctors and an unparalleled level of service. Come visit us today. The South Sherbrook Health Centre & Pharmacy is Your doctors, Your pharmacists, Your health.  

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PHARMACY MANAGER: Peter was born in Woseley and is now proud to give back to the neighborhood as a caregiver. He graduated pharmacy from the University of Manitoba and has over 15 years in primary care experience. If you have a problem, chances are that Peter has seen it before and can offer a solution. If not, he can talk to your doctor directly to develop a care plan suitable for your needs.

PHARMACIST/DIRECTOR: Geoff was born and raised in Northern Manitoba, then moved into Winnipeg to study pharmacy at the University of Manitoba. During and after school Geoff worked for and managed several large "chain" pharmacies. Disappointed with their philosophies he decided to join the SSHCP in 2012 and has enjoyed it everyday since! Geoff has won several pharmacist awards over the years and is currently a member of the provincial College regulatory body which oversees every pharmacist in the Province of Manitoba. Only 8 out of over 1100 pharmacists in Manitoba hold this honor, and we're proud to have Geoff as part of your healthcare team.  


We're your small town pharmacy in the centre of the city. Many of our team members were either born and raised in small towns, or practiced there. As such we bring the small town level of care directly to you in the city everyday. Ask about our many services including:


- Pharmacist House Calls


- Free city-wide delivery right to your door day or                                    night, 6 days per week.


- SSHCP Refill Renewal Program. Never run right out of your medications again! (Some exceptions apply such as benzodiazepines and narcotics)


- Both Regular & Specialty Compliance Packing


- Specialty Compounding





PHARMACIST: We are excited to welcome Gerald to our team! Gerald joined the SSHCP in 2015 and brings a great personality to the SSHCP. Gerald is a local pharmacy graduate from the University of Manitoba. Since Gerald is new, feel free to stop by and say hello!


GERIATRICS/ANTIMICROBIALS: Divna is one of the SSHCPs specialty pharmacists and can be consulted by appointment only. She is experienced in long term geriatric care and understands the additional stresses and needs of elderly patients. If you're an elderly patient with a  complicated medical history or a caregiver looking for advice or support on how to care for your loved love, please contact us today to book an appointment.


Divna is also continuing her education at the University of Manitoba towards her PhD in Pharmacy.

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